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The world of work is constantly changing. Organizations have to balance market expectations, set business objectives, and manage a labor force that is in transition. 
While this isn’t anything new, the pace at which organizations need to adjust and respond has increased tremendously.
To be a market leader, organizations need to be agile yet maintain internal order.

Top HR challenges:


  • In some cases, we are working to leverage a diverse set of resources and a multi-generational workforce.
  • We have scarce talent pools for certain jobs, ongoing competition from emerging markets, and a growing global talent pool.
  • Companies are integrating technology and automating processes which is changing how we work.
  • There is a continued interest in harnessing the power of data to facilitate decision making.
  • There are new employee models being introduced in the market and current employees are seeking more flexibility in how work is performed.

As a result of these influences, key trends emerge:


Changes to how jobs
are structured



A growing desire

for flexibility



Flexible work arrangements
are growing in popularity



Employees are seeking more visible career opportunities


Introducing Mercer IPE

Mercer IPE (International Position Evaluation) is a proprietary global job evaluation methodology based on a series of business-related factors and dimensions that represent core job attributes. Application of the IPE methodology provides an organizing framework based on a job's value within the context of an organization and the wider commercial environment. IPE implementation follows a simple process focusing on organization structure, the complexities of the business, and the alignment of jobs to the business.

IPE evaluation factors

The Mercer IPE evaluation factors reflect current thinking on how many successful companies view and value jobs. Consistent application of these factors during the evaluation process can enhance business understanding, support the assessment of relationships between jobs and job families, and fairly align your jobs between levels, among business segments, and across borders. The five factors are:

Mercer IPE's organization sizing approach helps differentiate segments of your business based on three components: headcount, economic volume and complexity delivered through a value chain assessment. Organization sizing plays a key role in quantifying the level of impact and contribution a job has on your organization's success.

Why is Mercer IPE quick to learn and easy to implement?

Mercer IPE is supported by a leading online tool, which facilitates all IPE related activities - organization sizing, job evaluation, and outcomes such as reporting and tracking. The tool comes pre-loaded with Mercer standard reference evaluations and provides dedicated space to capture job information and attach relevant documents.

With the elPE tool, Mercer provides:

  • 24-hour, secured access to evaluations globally
  • Automated evaluation approval process
  • Multi-lingual support documentation
  • Local consultant support
  • Complimentary help desk support
  • New software releases driven by user feedback

What is unique about Mercer IPE?

Mercer IPE provides a consistent methodology for evaluating your organization's jobs anywhere in the world. When hiring and moving talent is critical to your business realizing its growth potential, Mercer IPE is the answer. Ultimately, job definition and evaluation using Mercer IPE will allow your organization to establish a market leading framework that reduces costs, manages risk and facilitates talent movement.

Mercer IPE provides the foundation for consistent and informed HR and business decisions. It enables rapid blueprinting of new and evolving roles in ways that manage cost and risk. Mercer IPE helps develop a defined job architecture and internal job hierarchy that can be the basis for a broad range of talent applications including: 


Global Leveling


Organization Design




Pay equity


Talent Development


Career Planning




Workforce Planning and Analytics

Benefits of implementing IPE


  • Talent management and reward programs supported through consistent and reliable classification of jobs
  • Flexibility and talent mobility facilitated across the organization
  • HR spend maximized through better alignment of jobs and people to bands/ranges
  • Use of HRIS optimized through consistent job definition and use of data elements
  • Organization reporting and analytics capability enhanced
  • Management decision making facilitated with respect to resource utilization and rewards

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