What's in Your Five-Year Plan? 

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Nov 16 2017
In our 2017 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, we asked employers to rate the importance of strategies they will be using over the next five years to advance the triple aim of lower cost, higher quality, and a better member experience. The top two won’t be a surprise to anyone with responsibility for managing a health program: taking action to manage high-cost claims and spending on specialty drugs. But the third on the list – with 70% of large employers citing it as important or very important – was unexpected: a focused strategy for creating a culture of health. As my colleague Steven Noeldner makes clear in his report from the HERO Forum, employers are serious about the positive impact that a culture of health can have on every aspect of their business.

We’ll be returning to this list in future posts. Taken together, these strategies will be a part of most employer game plans for the years ahead.

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