The beneficial workplace 

The Beneficial Workplace series
The Beneficial Workplace features data-driven conversations about employee health and well-being. Host Emily Ferreira sits down with Mercer experts to discuss our latest survey research and what it tells us about how employers are designing their benefit programs and the trends we’re seeing ahead. For more insights, please visit our US Health News blog.
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Latest episodes

Episode 1: Better benefits in the era of rising costs

In this first episode, Emily and fellow researcher Beth Umland discuss the implications of shifting trends emerging from latest National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans.

Episode 2: Embracing equity in women’s health and benefits

Emily Ferreira and Julie Campbell discuss gender gaps in health benefits and ways employers are thinking holistically about women’s health to close those gaps.

Episode 3: Beyond the 50th percentile: Benefits for the modern workforce

Episode 4: Mental health beyond the benefits department

Emily Ferreira and Dr. Mary Kay O’Neill discuss stats on workforce mental health post-pandemic and how employers can create a supportive environment. 
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