Work here now: Think like a human and build a powerhouse workplace 

A roadmap to transform work

For decades, work has gotten more intense and more confusing – yielding both unhappy workers and less productive organizations. And if we’ve learned one thing from the Great Resignation, it’s that how we work has to change – for the sake of organizations and employees alike.

Introducing Work Here Now: Think Like a Human and Build a Powerhouse Workplace, a new book by Mercer’s North America Transformation Leader, Melissa Swift that offers a concrete proposal for reinventing the work world.

The book provides a practical, humanistic roadmap to a transformed world of work that marries economics and empathy, including 90 strategies that organizations and teams can employ to create a workplace where people are the fuel, not the brakes.

Work Here Now delivers an eye-opening roadmap to better work that generates wins for companies and employees alike.

Reading Work Here Now, you will learn:

  • How work has slowly broken down over the last few decades – and concrete strategies to fix it
  • Where our own thinking about how to get work done best is actually short-circuiting us – and how we should look at some basics differently
  • How we accidentally create unwieldy workforces – and the inclusive thinking required to keep work going sustainably for the future
  • What a reasonable future of work might look like – and the trends you should be engaging with to get there

Deploying an array of thought-provoking data and a bit of cheeky humor, Work Here Now explores fundamental questions about how we pick the talent we need, manage their performance and ultimately set them on the path to a happier, more productive workplace.

The pandemic upended the world of work and revealed that we could work effectively in entirely new ways. But how can organizations harness these new ways of working to properly shape the workplace of the future? Lucky for them, Work Here Now is a practical toolkit for how to transform the everyday colleague experience – and soar to new business heights in the process.
Martine Ferland

President and CEO, Mercer

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