The pandemic has shown organizations that it’s crucial to identify and fill the skill gaps among their teams and across the entire HR function. A focus on upskilling and reskilling helps ensure colleagues stay relevant and can support the reset of their organization — and the return to growth.

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Mercer Learning virtual workshops and programs combine leading HR intellectual capital with proven learning and development methodologies. Designed and delivered by subject matter experts, our workshops offer practical and experiential content, backed by a global perspective and local insights.



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  • Reward courses

    • Reward fundamentals

      This 2-days virtual course delivers the following training outcomes:

      Build a solid understanding of the current macro trends impacting the design and delivery of rewards. Gain an overview of key reward concepts and the importance of overarching reward principles. Develop an understanding of fundamental reward programme designs and processes, emphasizing levelling and pay structures. Gain insights into the importance and relevance of market data and the benchmarking process. Develop a foundational knowledge of pay progression and pay management mechanisms. Build an understanding of key communication challenges around rewards.

      This course is designed for:

      • Reward Analysts
      • HR Generalists with no reward background
      • Early careers non-reward roles transitioning into Reward 


      • Principles of total reward
      • The story of data
      • Evaluation and grading principles
      • Benchmarking
      • Pay structures and progression
      • Managing the review

      The course will be a combination of theory and practice, including interactive sessions: Client examples, attendees' examples and challenges Q&A, "so what?" approach – with a worked-through case study.

      Virtual courses
      All courses will be held on the Zoom platform. Participants will receive the call in details up to one week before the date of the workshop.

    • Compensation benchmarking

      This highly practical 2-day virtual course delivers the following training outcomes:

      • Context of total rewards and impact on compensation benchmarking
      • Gain foundational insights into the importance and relevance of market data and the benchmarking process
      • Overview of the salary survey submission process, data analysis and reporting
      • Understanding stakeholders, gathering internal data and completing job matching
      • Details of compensation benchmarking processes, market compensation data gathering and analysis
      • Understanding and adjusting data, and ensuring quality outputs
      • Dealing with data anomalies and market data interpretation

      The course is designed for:

      • Participants who attend the ‘Reward Fundamentals’ course
      • Reward and compensation and Benefits analysts who need to understand and apply compensation benchmarking activities and processes in their roles
      • HR Generalists with no reward background
      • Participants who have attended ‘Reward Fundamentals’ course

      Virtual courses
      All courses will be held on the Zoom platform. Participants will receive the call in details up to one week before the date of the workshop.

    • International position evaluation

      Mercer International Position Evaluation (IPE) is a robust, user-friendly methodology that is a key input to job and organizational design.

      Our EMEA-wide programme of IPE Public Courses aims to address the increasing needs of Mercer clients regarding IPE transfer of know-how and support. It also provides other HR professionals and managers with the chance to explore new, more streamlined ways of job evaluation as to establish and maintaining job structures.

      Our 2-days virtual course provides the ‘what-why-how’ for participants, where the IPE factors and process will be explained in detail as well as how IPE links to key HR decisions in the areas of organizational design and effectiveness, reward management and competencies.

      This course is designed for:
      Compensation, HR generalists, managers and specialists interested in reward, talent management and organizational effectiveness.

      Learning objectives:
      Applying the IPE system; understanding the role of job evaluation in a broader HR context; understanding the theory and appropriate practical application of the IPE system.

      Virtual courses
      All courses will be held on the Zoom platform. Participants will receive the call in details up to one week before the date of the workshop.

    • Advanced reward management

      Learn and understand a framework for establishing the link between business and reward strategy.
      Learn how to critically review and lead reward design activities.

      Build a clear understanding of and then implement best practice business-as-usual activities – mainly focusing on the key areas of reward governance and colleague engagement.

      Be able to understand topical compensation and benefits contextual challenges.
      This virtual course consists of 8 sessions, each lasting for approximately 1,5 hours. 

      The course is designed for:

      • Reward Manager
      • High potentials transitioning to Reward Manager

      Course agenda :

      • Macro trends impacting rewards. Reward Strategy & EVP
      • Design: Components of reward – base pay and skills based pay
      • Design: Components of reward – benefits & cars
      • Design: Components of reward – wellness
      • Design: Components of reward – variable & recognition plans
      • Design: Components of reward – share based
      • Manage – governance and organisation
      • Manage – audit and risk management: focus on equal pay
      • Focus on Executives
      • Focus on Expats

      Virtual courses
      All courses will be held on the Zoom platform. Participants will receive the call in details up to one week before the date of the workshop.

  • Global Mobility courses


    Choosing the right learning path for your Global Mobility team couldn't be simpler. Mercer Learning's courses have been designed to suit the different experience levels within your HR team.

    Due to the current situation, all our courses are provided virtually. The content and format of the courses have been adapted to be delivered as a series of short, interactive virtual sessions that allow you to increase your knowledge in this complex specialism without needing to be “out of the office” for long periods. Mercer’s Global Mobility learning curriculum is divided into two modules: Foundations (Operate) and Manager (Manage)

    Simply select the level most appropriate to reveal our range of specialist courses available:

    • Global Mobility Foundations (operate)

      This course is designed for HR professionals new to the field of expatriate management who quickly need to understand the key concepts and issues around pay, benefits and programme administration. Modules may also be of interest to experienced HR professionals who manage expatriates as a part of their role and for mobility professionals who need a refresher. Course modules can be attended as stand-alone training events but have been designed with a career-building development pathway in mind.


      Why attend?

      • Gain insights into the drivers of Global Mobility, key policy types and current trends
      • Build expertise in expatriate compensation and benefits and their application for different types of Mobility
      • Develop a greater understanding of expatriate compliance considerations and applications for different types of Mobility
      • Understand the key administrative activities required to operate a successful, efficient and compliant Global Mobility programme all points in the assignment lifecycle


      The course is provided virtually through the Zoom platform. It is divided into 4 days & each session lasts for 3 hours.

    • Global Mobility Management (manage)

      This course is designed for Global Mobility Managers/HR professionals responsible for their organisations’ Global Mobility programmes who wish to further their knowledge of programme governance, policy design and mobility function structure and technology.

      Enrolment in the Global Mobility Management (Manage) course is subject to completion of the Global Mobility Foundations (Operate) course and/or demonstration of sufficient knowledge/experience in this area.


      Why attend?

      • Gain insights into the latest Global Mobility policy market practices and trends and consider how to review and implement in your organization
      • Increase your awareness of governance and risk management responsibilities when managing a global mobility programme with a focus on medical, pension and other insurances
      • Explore different ways of structuring the service delivery model including the Global Mobility function, third-party/outsourced vendors and technology
      • Learn about the effective procurement of vendor services and technology, with a focus on the RFP process, onboarding, and ongoing vendor management considerations.

      The course is provided virtually through the Zoom platform. It is divided into 4 days & each session lasts for 3 hours.


      Michael Grover

      Principal, Mercer

      Michael is a Principal in Mercer’s Career business with over 13 years’ Global Mobility operations and consultancy experience. Prior to joining Mercer, Michael spent 6 years at EY, where he supported and advised on clients’ Mobility programmes across a range of industry sectors and countries including stints working in-house at Electrolux and Lloyds Banking Group.
      In his current role, Michael manages a portfolio of multinational clients, providing guidance and support in the areas of expatriate compensation and policy and programme design. He also leads the delivery of Mercer’s Global Mobility client training. 

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