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“We believe a sustainable investment approach is more likely to create and preserve long-term capital and help not for profits achieve their objectives and align with their philanthropic mission. Learn about how we’re preparing for our client's future.”
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Not-for-profit organizations face particular challenges as they strive to balance effective governance and stewardship of investment portfolios while fulfilling the organization’s overall missions. We work with not-for-profit organizations — from smaller charities to large foundations — to create bespoke solutions that are aligned to their priorities. We help our clients to achieve better investment outcomes and reduce costs wherever possible, through a service model designed to their own individual needs. We are committed to providing innovative investment research, advice and solutions and to help protect and enhance reputations, so you can get on with changing the world for the better.

Common investment challenges


  • ESG and sustainability
  • Limited resources and expertise
  • Building a good governance framework
  • Achieving spending targets
  • Access to private markets
  • Cost and budgeting concerns

How to address these challenges

Do your research

Do your research


If you decide to manage your own portfolio, it is important to have the latest insights and investment manager research at your fingertips. Here are some resources to help:


Get some advice

Get some advice


Speaking to a specialist can help you build an investment strategy aligned to your mission. Consider investment manager selection and monitoring, asset allocation, ESG and risk management.


explore solutions

Explore solutions


Implementing a bespoke investment solution – referred to as OCIO or delegated solutions - could help reduce costs, manage your risk, use fewer resources and build resilient portfolios.


How we can help you

Designing your portfolio

Do your research

We draw on decades of experience to help you formulate a long-term, diversified investment strategy. We can also implement your existing strategy, using our operational platform to access a wide global range of managers and asset classes, at competitive fees.

Unlocking your potential

Get some advice

Unlocking the power of a portfolio comes through diversifying risk and return drivers. Private markets are becoming increasingly popular as they are often not correlated to public market volatility and have the potential to earn a premium by being held over the long term.

Investing for the future

explore solutions

We help you define and shape a responsible investment policy that is aligned to your principles and beliefs, while exploring the risks and opportunities that could significantly impact your portfolio. We also conduct rigorous oversight of managers to help ensure they are adhering to your beliefs.

Client case study

Learn how we have helped a large charitable trust in the UK


Improved governance

Lowered risk and improved overall returns

Accessed more asset classes and opportunities

Integrated ESG into overall strategy

The issue


The trustee board wanted to spend more time on its core activity of awarding grants but needed help with several investment challenges to make this happen. The board wanted to build a longer-term strategy, which incorporated both sustainability and the ability to fund the grants. The trust’s investments lacked diversification and were exposed to potentially significant downside risk. The trustee needed to manage the operational aspects of its investments but its in-house team did not have the resources or the expertise to do so.

The solution


We worked with the Trustee to develop a clear strategy with a sustainable level of grants per year whilst seeking to retain the real value of trust assets over the long term. A robust, diversified and ESG-aware investment strategy was implemented, helping reduce risk and better position the fund for opportunities. The assets were invested through Mercer’s investment solutions platform, which provides instant access to a full range of asset classes including private markets. Trust assets were invested across more than 20 high-quality managers in a cost-efficient manner.

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Meet our specialists

Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming

Head of Not for Profit, Investment Solutions, UK

Cameron Taylor

Rebekah Dunn

Head of Endowments and Foundations, Pacific

Gilles Lavoie

Gilles Lavoie

Not for Profit investment consultant, Canada

Yaser Z. AbuShaban