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Through Multi-Country Investment Solutions, we provide our market-leading pension solutions to multinational clients and all their subsidiaries globally
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Yanick Chainey, Head of Multi-Country Investment Solutions

Multi-national corporations operating pension plans across a number of jurisdictions need a strong governance framework with streamlined processes to efficiently deliver good value to pension plan participants. Plan sponsors and local fiduciaries need to ensure that risks within investment portfolios are clearly identified and carefully managed. Through our multi-country Investment Solutions structure, we seek to help our multinational clients operate efficient and resilient pension arrangements for their employees all around the world. We offer solutions that manage complexity and risks, while simplifying processes to keep their objectives in focus at all times. 


Common challenges for multinational organizations


  • Visibility control of global pension risks
  • Managing local stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements
  • Inefficient execution across plans
  • Access to highly rated managers
  • Inconsistent application of industry practice and global initiatives
  • Time and resource constraints
  • Varying degrees of investment expertise
  • Inability to negotiate fees

Addressing these challenges

Do your research

Do your research


As a multinational organization, it is important to have the latest insights and investment research at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions for your portfolios.

Get some advice

Get some advice


Having oversight and fiscal responsibility for various jurisdictions is difficult. Engaging a specialist who understands local nuances can help you build a strategy that is aligned to your firm’s objectives and helps you achieve global efficiencies.


explore solutions

Explore solutions


Implementing a bespoke governance solution can help organizations and trustees achieve their overall objectives. It could help reduce costs, manage risk, use fewer internal resources and build a resilient program for current, former and future employees.


How we can help you

Global manager research

Do your research

Our network of more than 200 global researchers identify the managers that we feel are most likely to outperform, and appoint them through the Mercer open architecture platform to manage the solutions we offer clients.

Real time portfolio transparency and monitoring

Real time portfolio transparency and monitoring

Unlocking the power of a portfolio comes through diversifying risk and return drivers. Private markets are becoming increasingly popular as they are often not correlated to public market volatility and have the potential to earn a premium by being held over the long term.

Bespoke governance framework

explore solutions

By developing bespoke governance frameworks that address risk concerns, we can work with clients to help improve cost management, communication, and execution. Mercer’s platform enables consolidated and timely data and coordinated our best-practice implementation.

Client case study

Learn how we have helped large pharma clients*


Bespoke investment framework

Consistency across jurisdictions

Client control maintained

Global, scalable manager research and selection

The issue


A corporate trustee for a multinational pharmaceutical company was looking for support on investment decisions and access to specialist resources that could help with the operational management and implementation of its global pension plans. The trustee wanted access to independent investment research, support on manager selection, advice with portfolio construction, data transparency and reporting, cost reduction and operational efficiency.

The solution


We worked with the client to build a bespoke investment framework for a growth portfolio of over $2bn of assets. The client led the development with input and support from Mercer on manager research and selection, portfolio construction and other aspects of strategy. All operational management was outsourced to Mercer, allowing more efficient use of internal resources and delivering significant cost efficiencies through our economies of scale.

Meet our specialists

Andrew Thorn

Andrew Thorn

Commercial Leader Benelux, Nordics & Multinational Pensions

Yanick Chainey

Yanick Chainey

Head of Multi-Country Investment Solutions

Sinead Clark

Sinead Clark

Multinational Investment Specialist



What are multi-country investment solutions from Mercer?


Companies operating across a variety of jurisdictions need a strong governance framework with streamlined processes to remain efficient and consistent while also pursuing value for pension plan participants. They also need help to ensure risks within investment portfolios are carefully managed. Through our multi-country Investment Solutions structure, we help our clients operate efficient and resilient pension arrangements for their employees all around the world.

We developed these capabilities as a complete governance framework to enable multinational companies stay on top of their global pension investment strategy. Our framework helps clients to achieve economies of scale benefits while also managing the inherent complexity within each country. Our on-the-ground teams help clients at a local level while drawing on our global capabilities to design a tailored approach to their specific challenges.

We believe our heritage in investment consulting means companies who entrust their pension arrangements to Mercer know their portfolios are being managed by teams who understand local regulatory themes, global investment trends and our best practice. Our systems streamline investment, portfolio and risk management processes, while our robust governance framework can be applied to any business of any scale by our global clients.


How do Multi-Country Flexible Investment Solutions add value to our multinational clients?


Our framework helps enable companies to manage their pension assets and benefits systems with confidence and consistency. It helps them navigate uncertainty and leverage their global scale, all while knowing their portfolio is being overseen by trusted specialists. Although we can offer a complete or end-to-end governance framework, we have developed a flexible model that empowers our clients to use only the services they need to keep their objectives in focus. We believe our modular framework is a critical potential advantage for multinational clients as we can customize our delivery model and level of service to their exact requirements.

Through our collaborative, flexible approach, we work with our clients to set specific objectives, allowing them to collaborate with Mercer for as much of the strategy and processes as they feel comfortable. Some clients want help with operational execution, monitoring and reporting, while others need asset allocation and manager selection guidance. Those who require significant investment support task us with dynamically managing their portfolios, meaning we can automatically adjust strategies and instruments – always within their own tolerances – when we see opportunities or threats arising. Clients can be as “hands on” monitoring their portfolio as they like, and we also produce timely company-wide reports to keep them up to date.


How does the platform work operationally?


We have purposely built a globally consistent operational structure that streamlines processes and harnesses the power of our diverse intellectual capital and research. Hundreds of us at Mercer, using specially developed tools and processes, work to help ensure each client remains on track to meet their own target objectives, no matter what happens in global markets. We also help our clients leverage their own scale and global presence, with the aim of cutting costs and streamlining their operations. 

For clients who delegate portfolio management to us, our investment strategists and asset allocation professionals seek to identify where they can add crucial value. They draw on our vast research capability to select highly rated managers to implement the most appropriate approach through a streamlined onboarding process.

To help enable efficient execution of investment decisions and tactical changes, Mercer has a dedicated operational implementation team supporting the delivery of our solutions to multinational clients. Through our platform, this team facilitates day-to-day operational needs, such as assisting with portfolio paperwork, managing liquidity, reporting and rebalancing. We closely monitor every client portfolio – from changes in funding level and shifts in asset allocation, to currency and interest rate hedging – considering their specific regulatory requirements and investment philosophies, while bringing them the global visibility they need.


How would this work for a new multinational client?


As a multinational company, we understand the challenges you face – they are our challenges too – and we appreciate how varied your needs can be. We believe our platform enables companies to enhance their global visibility, proactively manage regulatory complexity and oversee risk, return and funding level changes. We collaborate with each client to create a tailored framework, considering their long-term goals and shorter-term pressures. We know things can change quickly, so have drawn on our experience to build a service model that can flex over time.


Can Multi-Country Flexible Investment Solutions reduce overall costs for multinational clients?


Over the past 15 years, we have built the largest Investment Solutions business in the world, managing more than $380bn for more than 1,000 clients[WT1] . In 2019 and 2020, CIO magazine’s independent survey confirmed that we managed the most discretionary delegated assets among our peers1. But it is not all about size – it’s about what we can do for you with it, too.

Thanks to our market position, we negotiate with fund managers and other providers from a position of strength, passing on potential savings we secure directly and transparently to our clients. Furthermore, depending on asset class, given our global influence, we can often secure access to highly-rated managers with capacity constraints.


1 Source: Chief Investment Officer (, full discretionary delegated assets under management (AUM) ranked by worldwide assets under advisement [WT2] as of 09/30/2020 as reported by each firm to CIO. Mercer did not pay a fee to participate in this survey. This survey is not indicative of the advisor’s future performance. Please see Important Notices for important information about assets under management.


Is this service suitable for all multinational companies?


It is important to look closely at your company’s circumstances before engaging an investment solution, as not every offering will be suitable for your unique business model and structure.

If your company sponsors multiple defined benefit pension plans in different countries with at least $1.0bn in total assets under management between them, you may be suited to a multi-country investment solution. If you have just completed a merger or acquisition resulting in new retirement plans to monitor and cater for, Mercer’s investment solutions can help you gain a full understanding of the asset and liability profiles of each plan and how it affects your global pension and benefit packages and responsibilities. Collaborating with a pension and investment professional such as Mercer can also help you identify risks posed by the newly acquired plans and opportunities for efficiencies and potential cost savings – and help achieve consistency across global retirement benefit operations.

I would like to speak to a Mercer consultant

*The case study is an illustration of Mercer's capabilities provided to one client. Client results will vary and there can be no guarantee of similar results.

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