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Our shared vision is to create an ecosystem of trusted data, robust analytics and forward looking research that investment professionals can rely on as they pursue due diligence on candidate investment strategies to help achieve their target outcomes
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Rich Nuzum, President Investments & Retirement

Rich Nuzum discusses the alliance with eVestment

Mercer has entered into a strategic alliance with eVestment designed to bring together our intellectual property and to deliver high quality investment data, analytics, tools and research to help investors make better-informed decisions. Mercer has decided to withdraw from the collection of data through GIMD to focus on providing forward-looking research and investment advisory and discretionary services. 

eVestment is widely recognized as an industry leader in the collection, management and structuring of investment data and technology


New and improved MercerInsight® platform

The alliance will bring significant enhancements to the MercerInsight platform with improved data coverage, screening functionality and reporting capabilities across traditional, hedge fund and private markets. Asset owners will benefit from accessing innovative data and analytics technology combined with Mercer’s investment manager research and ratings across both liquid and illiquid markets.


Transition of manager data to eVestment

Mercer’s internal users and third party subscribers to MercerInsight will continue to have access to the data in Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database™ (GIMD™) until late 2022, so it is important managers continue to update GIMD until advised otherwise. Mercer’s asset manager data on traditional, hedge fund and private markets asset classes will be integrated into the eVestment platform. GIMD will be withdrawn after the integration has been completed, which is expected by the end of 2022. Once the integration has been completed, asset managers will only need to submit data to eVestment.


Benefit for asset owners

In-depth insights

Insights to help perform in-depth screening, selection and monitoring assessments. Users will have the opportunity to gain access to high quality data, analytics, tools, and manager research across traditional, hedge fund, and private markets asset classes on an innovative new platform. This includes broader, deeper insights about managers’ diversity data and Inclusion & Diversity practices that can signal the potential for improved investment outcomes.

Private and public research
all in one place

A platform that brings together public and private markets asset classes research, providing users with a more holistic view of investable strategies.

Benefit for asset managers

Single, global, go-to
platform for data input

Once the transition is complete, managers will only have to submit their data once to reach the universe of Mercer and eVestment users. This will be a single, global, go-to platform that will facilitate managers’ sharing of data and information about their business and investment strategies to the institutional market.

Detailed intelligence

Managers will have access to detailed intelligence and trends across the institutional market so they can better understand the needs of investors and develop products that deliver to these needs. For example, fee peer grouping, investor demand via click analysis, comparable universes.


FAQ: your questions answered

  • Why have Mercer and eVestment decided to form an alliance?

    Mercer has decided to withdraw from the collection of data through GIMD and focus on providing forward-looking research and investment advisory and discretionary services.  eVestment is widely recognized as an industry leader in the collection, management and structuring of investment data and technology.  With this alliance, asset owners will have access to more data for fact-based decision-making and asset managers will have a simplified process for providing data to asset owners and consultants for due diligence.

  • How will MercerInsight be impacted by the alliance?

    The alliance will deliver significant enhancements to MercerInsight platform clients, including improved data coverage, enhanced screening, sharing, analytical functionality, and reporting capabilities across traditional, hedge fund and private markets through the new platform, MercerInsight – a digital alliance with eVestment. The new platform will be introduced later in 2021, with phased releases, culminating in a full replacement of the legacy MercerInsight platform, which is expected to occur in 2022. This will enable a smooth transition to the new, enhanced platform as Mercer withdraws from data collection through GIMD. 

  • If I subscribe to MercerInsight/GIMD today, what will I experience?

    We will work closely with you as we transition to the new platform, MercerInsight – a digital alliance with eVestment, taking into consideration your individual needs and the features and data you use today. You’ll receive individual communications with more detailed information.  In the meantime, you’ll continue to log in to the existing MercerInsight platform and use it as you always have.    

  • As an asset owner, if I currently subscribe to both MercerInsight and eVestment, what will I experience?

    Effective immediately, you will be able to access the current content you receive from Mercer (asset manager research and ratings) through both the MercerInsight platform and (upon your request to Mercer) the eVestment platform(s). If you elect to consume this Mercer content in eVestment, you will also receive the eVestment datasets that correspond to such Mercer content. Throughout the alliance implementation, eVestment data will be expanded to include new datapoints and coverage of new products and managers, and you will receive that data through eVestment as well. Please contact your MercerInsight regional helpdesks to request access to Mercer content in eVestment; please note that eVestment does not know what you receive through your subscription to Mercer and cannot handle any access enablement without Mercer’s express instruction to eVestment. Similarly, Mercer is not aware of what you receive through your subscription to eVestment.

  • I am an asset manager subscriber of Mercer and eVestment, what will I have access to?

    You will continue to have access to your current level of content (Mercer peer groups (universes), asset flows and trends data, as applicable).  In addition, Mercer is pleased to offer asset managers the opportunity to access a wealth of new Mercer modules, including Mercer ESG Ratings, Mercer Actual Fees, Research Downloads, ORA Distribution Summary and Ratings Distribution Summary. We (Mercer) will be contacting each of our asset manager clients individually with more detailed information.

    From the fourth quarter of 2021, existing manager subscribers to both MercerInsight and eVestment will be offered streamlined access to the new Mercer modules alongside eVestment’s data and analytics.

  • How will GIMD be impacted by the alliance?

    Mercer is retiring GIMD, the technology used by asset managers to submit data and information to Mercer about their business and investment strategies, but it will continue to operate until late 2022. It is therefore important to continue to update GIMD, as Mercer users and Mercer subscribers will continue to use MercerInsight until the migration is complete.

  • Will the alliance have any impact on Mercer’s Strategic Research Community (SRC)?

    No - there will be no changes to the SRC.  The SRC will continue to be maintained by Mercer. 


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