Mercer has joined forces with Backstop on a new technology solution to deliver Mercer’s global manager research, data and ratings through Backstop’s state-of-the-art cloud-based productivity platform for institutional investors.


The Challenge

Driving better investment outcomes can be a challenge in an environment where investment options are ever-expanding, continually evolving and becoming more complex. Having the correct tools can streamline how you research, monitor and conduct due diligence on managers. Being able to quickly cut through the noise to find the right data is critical to saving time and seizing opportunities that can help you make better investment decisions. The combined technology solution Mercer and Backstop have created an alliance to deliver a technology platform that allows you to easily find the investment strategies that best align with your interests, identify how those strategies compare to your peers and industry benchmarks, perform ongoing diligence and monitor your investments across managers.


In one place you can now view Mercer’s in-depth global institutional data and forward-looking research from MercerInsight® as part of Backstop’s productivity platform, giving you greater agility to manage today’s challenging investment environment and helping you to drive better financial outcomes.

Combining research with technology agility can help institutional investors make smarter investment decisions.


  • Enhance your team’s productivity with streamlined research management and due diligence workflows
  • Get a consolidated view of quantitative and qualitative information
  • Create consistency and continuity for your team with a centralized source of data, research and performance analytics
  • Automate reporting



Search, filter and identify managers. Use your unique criteria to identify managers from the widest possible coverage of product providers in the global marketplace, across liquid and illiquid markets.


Conduct due diligence and evaluate performance. Carry out analyses of institutional strategies against competitors, Mercer universes or marked indices. Perform side-by-side comparisons of investments using proprietary analyst ratings. 

Selects investments in less time and with more precision. Use Mercer’s research to get a second opinion and top-to-bottom operation risk assessment of investment managers’ operations. 


Monitor and measure performance in Backtsop. Use robust analytics tools and reporting capabilities to easily share your findings with your internal team and stakeholders. Export professional charts and graphs to make powerful presentations to communicate with investors.


About Backstop Solutions Group

Backstop helps asset allocators maximize the time in their everyday work. Our software and services are designed with one goal in mind: to help researchers and due diligence professionals run their operations more efficiently. The Backstop platform:

  • Is one central, scalable and secure platform for managing investment workflow across every vertical of your investment process
  • Promotes collaboration and transparency across your organization with easy access to shared documents, emails and activity notes
  • Combines powerful performance analytics and customizable reporting
  • Facilitates communications to internal and external stakeholders
  • Provides a fully integrated productivity suite, including Client Relationship Management (CRM), Investor Relations (IR), Software, Investor Portal, Research Management and Performance Management Software

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