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Process to capture investment opportunities


Process to capture investment opportunities



  • Investors need to search actively
  • Portfolio needs to be positioned to capture opportunities
  • Often too many decision makers are involved in long and tedious process
  • Asset managers lacking investment flexibility

Market volatility can be challenging. However, in the uncertain depths of a market crisis, there can be emerging signals of investment opportunity. Seizing an opportunity requires agility and speed and you need to be looking and positioned to capitalize on them. Depending on the nature of the investment opportunity and governance process, it can typically take months for an investor to implement an investment idea. Timeliness is a critical factor to benefit from opportunistic ideas. Partnering with an expert could help.

Position your portfolio to capture opportunties

Do your research

Do your research


It’s important to understand how market changes and global events could impact your portfolio and how you should respond. We provide you with the latest updates at your fingertips through our global investment research and our forward looking manager research platform MercerInsight.

Get some advice

Get some advice


Speaking to an expert can help you decide the best way to convert insights into achievable, desired outcomes. We can advise on your investment strategy, manager selection and oversight, asset allocation, portfolio construction, sustainable investing and risk management.

Explore solutions

Explore solutions


Implementing investment solutions helps build resilient portfolios that are positioned to capture opportunities. It could also reduce costs, risk, and strain on in-house resources. We can also work with you to design a complete risk and governance solution, with access to managers highly rated by Mercer.

How we’re helping clients capture opportunities


Responding to changing market conditions


We work with clients to build resilient portfolios that are positioned to help capture opportunties as they arise. During the COVID pandemic for example, we alerted our clients about opportunities in fixed income and gold while also encouraging investors to be pragmatic about rebalancing. We also emphasized that periods of volatility are likely to be favorable for strategies that allow asset managers a degree of freedom in deciding where to invest. We have helped our clients manage their risks by:


  • Identifying investment opportunity
  • Positioning their portfolio to help capture the opportunity
  • Assigning clear decision-makers and investment responsibilities for faster execution
  • Providing asset managers a degree of investing freedom, especially during times of volatility

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Capturing an opportunity at the right time

Global high yield bonds


capturing opportunities at the right time 

Meet some of our experts 

Samantha Davidson

Samantha Davidson, CFA

US Investment Solution Leader


Samantha Davidson is responsible for overseeing Mercer's OCIO business and team in the US, including implementing strategic initiatives, driving business development and managing and expanding client relationships.


Stan Mavromates

Chief Investment Office, Americas


Stan’s team is responsible for over $130 billion in Investment Solutions assets for clients in Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, and Not-for-Profit assets. His team focuses on providing Mercer’s best investment solutions to clients and implementing and monitoring those solutions. He sits on Mercer’s Global Investment Committee, the Chair of Mercer’s Discretionary Governance Manager Selection Committee, and a member of Mercer’s Not-for-Profit Investment Committee.


Garvan McCarthy,

Partner, CIO Alternatives


Garvan McCarthy is a Partner and Mercers CIO Alternatives, Europe. Garvan has over 14 years investment experience and specialises in alternatives, including hedge fund and private market investments. Garvan joined Mercer in 2003, where he worked on the investment consulting team advising institutional investors on investment strategy and manager selection. In 2006, Garvan joined the investment management team where he primarily focusses on the alternative allocations for discretionary client accounts.


Garvan graduated with a first class honours degree in Actuarial and Financial Studies from University College Dublin, Ireland. Garvan is a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries in the UK (FIA) and the Society of Actuaries in Ireland (FSAI) as well as a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

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