Make the invisible visible

Employees often underestimate – and underuse – their reward packages. Darwin keeps your employees engaged, continually reinforcing your employee value proposition, and highlighting your investment in your people.. This keeps take-up high and increases employees’ perception of the value of your offering.


Do more with less

HR departments are under increasing pressure to deliver more, often with flat or shrinking budgets. Darwin helps busy benefit teams do more with less by automating manual administration processes, enabling teams to focus on value-add work.


Right first time, every time

Unreliable, inaccurate data costs businesses money. Instant automated transfers minimize the risk of errors creeping into your data, ensuring your employees have the right cover at the right time - and you only pay for employees who should be covered.


Secure your benefits budget

By uncovering previously inaccessible information across your global benefit schemes, Darwin Analytics Center enables you to see where benefits and providers can be standardized, reducing the complexity of your benefit offering and delivering greater cost efficiency.


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Darwin helps organizations achieve their benefits, people, and wider business goals by increasing engagement, streamlining administration, controlling cost and reducing risk. And your employees are able to access and engage with their benefits wherever they are in the world.


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