Stay ahead of the game

One of the most common problems for benefits teams when they start out analyzing data is that they don’t know what they don’t know. By making insight accessible and easy to consume, Darwin uncovers unknown problems and alerts you to unseen opportunities.

Win the war for talent

Talent attraction and retention are key metrics for many reward and benefit professionals. By giving you the clearest possible picture of your people, Darwin helps you understand what specific demographics value, enabling you to take corrective action and help win the war for talent.

Genuine global insight

By enabling you to monitor benefit schemes at global and local country levels, Darwin Analytics Center helps you identify initiatives that are doing well and pinpoint problem areas, making it easy to share best practice across countries and regions and maximize performance.

Make a strategic contribution

Darwin’s Analytics Center gives CHROs the data they need to support strategic decisions, enabling them to feed into the overall business strategy rather than just people initiatives, cementing HR's seat at the table and proving the value of what you do.

Get the edge on the competition

By giving previously unavailable insight into what other organizations are doing with their benefits, Darwin gives you greater market awareness based on more data on multinationals than any other platform in the marketplace, enabling you to stay ahead of the game.

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Darwin helps organizations achieve their benefits, people, and wider business goals by increasing engagement, streamlining administration, controlling cost and reducing risk. And your employees are able to access and engage with their benefits wherever they are in the world.


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