Mercer Accelerate™

Your fast-track to success with Workday

Expedite your Workday deployment with Mercer Accelerate™

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, cost-centric way to get the most out of your Workday deployment, Mercer Accelerate™ is the solution.

Through our unique and innovative approach, our team of experts will work with you to understand your organization's distinctive requirements, configure Workday to meet those requirements, and provide end-to-end support throughout your Workday deployment.

The Mercer Accelerate™ methodology allows us to launch your Workday solution faster and more efficiently than traditional deployment methods. With Mercer Accelerate™, we provide a rapid deployment model that leverages pre-configured templates, a robust knowledge base and best practices.

Why choose Mercer Accelerate™?

  • Reduce time-to-value: Mercer Accelerate™ enables organizations to go live with Workday in a fraction of the time of a traditional deployment.
  • Increased efficiency: Harness the learnings of 1000s of prior deployments by leveraging tried and true pre-configurations based on Workday best practices.
  • Reduced costs: Leveraging Mercer Accelerate™’s standardized pre-configurations eliminates extraneous decisions and customization to reduce professional services costs.
  • Improved user adoption: Mercer Accelerate™ takes a “first principles” approach by focusing on core, foundational usability for the initial deployment leading to hyper adoption.
  • Evolve and enhance: Tailor your Workday experience over time by deploying additional feature sets by leveraging our team of Workday experts.

The fast-track to Workday deployment

  1. Project start
    This initial phase ensures the foundation is set for a successful implementation.
  2. Provide data
    The team works with the client to develop a data strategy to both capture and transfer all relevant data, and address key issues such as data quality and accuracy.
  3. Take training
    Any applicable training is delivered with a go-forward plan to ensure that users have access to ongoing support and resources.
  4. Test the system
    A comprehensive testing strategy and plan is developed that covers all key aspects of the system, including functionality, performance and security.
  5. Go-live
    Final stage of a Workday deployment, in which the system is officially launched and made available to users.
So, whether you're deploying Workday for the first time or looking to optimize your existing Workday solution, Mercer Accelerate™ can help you get there faster and more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how Mercer Accelerate™ can help your organization.

Get the most out of Workday

Mercer is much more than a Workday systems integrator. We help clients get the most out of Workday through deep consulting expertise, best-in-class proprietary tools, global reach and offshore capabilities, and a full range of Workday services designed with HR effectiveness in mind.
  • Application management services (AMS)

    Our Application Management Services tailor your Enterprise Resource Planning configuration to your company’s requirements, structure, and employees.
  • Workday implementation

    We help you transform your HR and finance processes to ensure success of your Workday deployment.
  • Workday optimization

    Our Workday expertise ensures your programs, processes, and service delivery model align to unlock Workday’s full potential.
  • Workday financial management

    With Mercer and Workday Financial Management, harness the power of cloud-based enterprise management to take advantage of all of our Workday capabilities.
  • Adaptive planning

    Transform your financials, workforce and sales planning with unparalleled data sets and powerful technology with Mercer’s adaptive planning.
  • HR transformation

    HR transformation is critical in a changing global business environment. Find out how Mercer improves HR effectiveness through solutions and technology.
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