Project management office (PMO)

Mercer’s mergers & acquisitions project management services can meet your organization's exact needs, whether it’s bolstering in-house resources or managing the entire project.

Executing project management with a higher level of rigor and precision

The success of any merger or acquisition requires a flawless process and a deep understanding of critical business issues from multiple perspectives. Mercer has proven capabilities in providing project management from an enterprise level, coordinating the legal, IT, and finance functions. Mercer is unequalled in providing real-world execution across the entire HR domain, from payroll and benefits to HR technology and platforms.
  • Sellers and buyers — two very different timelines

    With today’s overwhelming demand for smart investments, sellers have the advantage. Mercer’s global footprint and extensive experience allow us to mobilize resources and execute deals within an aggressive timeframe — often enabling sellers to achieve higher multiples.

    Heightened competition means buyers often have to commit without performing adequate due diligence, mitigating risk, determining compliance issues, or fully developing post-merger integration plans. Mercer’s project-management operations (PMO) bring to bear a full range of capabilities that allows buyers to act and react to today’s deal dynamics, swiftly and with confidence.

  • Day one readiness
    The gap between strategy and execution becomes intensely evident on Day One. Mercer provides on-the-ground experts who ensure Day One readiness across the entire HR domain, including payroll, benefits, executive and employee compensation, and sales force remuneration, as well as HR platforms and technology. Day One readiness will help financial buyers maintain the new entity’s value, while assuring long-term success for corporate buyers.
  • A fluid approach
    Mercer has the unique ability to structure our PMO services to your organization’s exact needs. We can perform an over-the-shoulder role, provide resources to bolster in-house capabilities, or manage the entire project from start to finish, leveraging proven processes and experience from thousands of transactions. We provide frictionless execution for buyers and sellers, for both financial and corporate clients.
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