Give your pay strategy a raise with PayAI®

You don’t need to settle for outdated pay processes. With Mercer’s PayAI, you can make data-driven pay decisions that drive your company’s success.

Transform pay management with efficiency, equity and insight

Pay transparency is coming. Are you ready? Or are you deep in the weeds of pay complexity? 

Mercer’s PayAI® brings the power of AI to your pay management — helping you make faster, more consistent and better-informed decisions that will meet the rigors of pay transparency and employee expectations. 

PayAI uses secure AI algorithms, custom designed for your organization’s specific goals and pay philosophy. Underpinned by Mercer’s deep compensation expertise, it learns from your data to identify your preferred pay practices and recommend fair compensation ranges for current and potential employees — regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. 

With cutting-edge AI, advanced data analytics and unparalleled insights, PayAI will streamline your compensation process and take it to the next level, empowering your team to make faster, fairer pay decisions around new hires, promotions, job changes and end-of-year merit increases. 

Benefits of PayAI

  • Precision and accuracy
    Bid farewell to human errors and bias. Our technology ensures competitive pay calculations and more accurate year-end compensation reviews — protecting against compliance snags and employee dissatisfaction.
  • Data insights unlocked
    Dive deep into data analytics to objectively and securely inform your offers and strategic decisions.
  • Reclaim your time
    Streamline your processes with automation, freeing up your HR team for bigger-picture thinking and strategic engagement.
  • Keep fairness front and center
    Champion pay transparency and pay equity with the current pay data you need to build employee trust and bulletproof transparency reporting.
  • Grow with confidence
    Scale and adapt your compensation strategy with agility as PayAI helps your compensation strategy evolve as seamlessly as your business.

How it works

  1. Diagnostic workshops
    We begin by conducting two workshops focused on aligning our technology with your vision. In session one, we seek to understand your goals and define your pay philosophy. Session two takes a deep dive into algorithm drivers.
  2. Custom algorithm design
    Your data, your philosophy, our algorithms. We design custom algorithms, blending your data with our AI to reflect your unique organizational needs and goals. 
  3. Unlimited access
    The tool is yours, for the life of the contract. Access it whenever you need to navigate pay decisions with confidence.
  4. Annual algorithm refinement
    We will conduct yearly updates to recalibrate your algorithms as needed, guaranteeing it remains aligned with your evolving pay practices and culture.
Don’t let the burdens and complexity of pay management become a roadblock to progress. With PayAI, you can tap into a future where pay strategy propels your workforce potential instead of holding it back.

Embrace the future of pay with PayAI

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