Are your employee rewards valued by your workforce?

Employee needs and expectations are changing. Innovative and impactful employee rewards strategies bring forward the employee voice to ensure programs deliver on what the workforce values, as well as powerful data and insights.

Tune in to create compelling employee rewards

We help employers attract, retain, engage and motivate their workforce by delivering on effective rewards strategies. We use listening techniques and analytics to understand your employees, close skills gaps, and improve the employee experience with a customized and compelling employee rewards strategy.

Our approach

Mercer’s approach to developing meaningful and effective employee rewards strategies includes four key components:
  1. Listen to what employees need and value
    Aligning with the perspectives of the employer, the market and cost.
  2. Insights that are data-driven
    Rich fact-based knowledge to measure effectiveness.
  3. Target outreach to segments within your workforce
    Serving your workforce that have unique needs and values.
  4. Engage employees with rewards programs
    Drive behavioral change, and bolster retention and performance.
51% of organizations say they will be investing in 2023 to rethink their compensation philosophy and implement new practices.
2023 Global Talent Trends

Create the right employee rewards for your people and your business

Our experts will help you create an employee rewards strategy that elevates employee engagement and productivity, delivers an exceptional employee experience and drives better business results. Our expertise in total rewards, as well as all aspects of HR, is both deep and wide. You will gain access to expert guidance and robust data sources to inform your strategy and create a place where people want to work.
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