Offer clients a low-cost, highly rated non-US equity solution

The Non-US Core Equity Fund (MNCSX) aims to provide long-term total return, which includes capital appreciation and income. It employs a multi-manager investment approach and is diversified across a range of non-US growth- and value-oriented equity securities of companies of any capitalization.

Potential investor benefits

  • Diversification: Style-diverse, core multi-manager fund with a 15-year track record that has consistently performed well relative to benchmarks and peers. Diversification does not assure a profit, nor protect against loss in a declining market.
  • Robust process: Operational support, tools, reporting and greater transparency to help meet your portfolio management needs.
  • Curated expertise: By working with the largest investment consulting firm in the world, you and your clients may benefit from access to closed managers and potential cost savings.

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