Help provide more value to clients through multi-manager strategies

Aim to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and differentiate your offerings with Mercer’s multi-manager portfolios.

Why choose multi-manager strategies?

As a wealth manager, you’re tasked with complying with ever-changing regulatory and operational requirements, while providing your clients with a broad range of highly-rated investment products.

Our multi-manager portfolios may be the answer. We may help you:

  • Pursue reduced expenses while expanding your potential investment offerings.
  • Access quality investment and operational due diligence expertise at affordable cost.
  • Design cost-conscious, white-labeled product solutions that allow you to provide your clients with a broad range of products under your own brand.
  • Scale your offerings to pursue more profitable margins.

Your firm brands the offering 

A multi-manager fund allows your investment advisor to select highly rated managed funds for each portion of an allocation. In fact, you can replace sub-scale funds with alternative funds branded as your own product.

Key benefits of multi-manager strategies

By partnering with Mercer Wealth Manager Solutions, you can have access to Mercer’s size and scale, which may provide opportunities for volume discounts. We offer:
  • Reduced key-person risk through delegated fund management
    Delegate part of your manager selection and fund management responsibilities to us to reduce key person risk
  • Significant opportunities for volume discounts
    With our multi-manager fund expertise across all major asset categories and a large advisory business, may provide opportunities for volume discounts by using our size and scale.
  • Extensive, streamlined solutions
    Potentially benefit from our global resources to create a multi-manager portfolio solution that aims to achieve business efficiencies by minimizing the number of partners you need to consult.