Financial intermediary partnerships

Mercer can help financial intermediaries bolster resources, generate investment ideas, perform due diligence, and assess operational and fiduciary risks.

Competing in the era of rising expectations and diminishing resources

Opportunity costs are difficult to measure. How do you account for the loss of potential new customers when wealth managers spend their time grappling with regulations and intensifying competition?

Mercer extends your knowledge

Wealth management firms and leading financial intermediaries use Mercer to take advantage of our research, advisory, and implementation services. We can help organizations bolster resources, generate investment ideas, perform due diligence, and even assess operational and fiduciary risks.

Research with a competitive edge

Much of the research available to financial intermediaries has been commoditized and does little to distinguish one firm from another. Mercer, with more than 120 research professionals worldwide, provides qualitative insights along with quantitative analysis:

The Global Investment Manager Database (GIMDTM

delivers in-depth information on more than 5,000 fund managers’ abilities to successfully generate investment ideas in the separately managed account space across all asset classes.

Dedicated boutiques 

provide thorough, forward-looking insights for alternatives, bonds, equities, and real estate.

Mercer ViewpointTM

provides high-level qualitative insights across thousands of funds.

Mercer Manager Analysis PortalTM (Mercer MAP®) 

provides access to the qualitative research used by Mercer’s consultants. The “Head Office” version is designed for your in-house fund research team, whereas the white-label “Front Office” version gives advisors access to Mercer’s qualitative insights, portfolio construction, and client-ready presentation capabilities.

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