Asset allocation model portfolios

Our capital markets professionals and wealth management consultants may help you select from our standard reference portfolios or work with you to build a customized suite of portfolios that are well-suited for your unique client base. 

What are the right portfolio allocation models for your clients? 

Asset allocation is typically the most significant driver of a portfolio’s return. When developing your clients’ portfolios, have you evaluated these factors?
  • Goals-based objectives
  • Risk/volatility tolerance
  • Investment focus
  • Time horizon
  • Expected return
  • Fee range
  • Spend to assets
Our team and our portfolio allocation models may help. We look at all the objectives and constraints that come into play in any investment decision, and help ensure that portfolio risk factors are aligned with your client’s total risk profile and goals.

Portfolio allocation model insights

Get the latest news and insights on portfolio allocation models. 

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