Endowments and foundations consulting: Supporting your mission 

Mercer works hard to help provide the most extensive endowments and foundations consulting for you so you can work work hard for your community.

Endowments and foundations advisory services that help serve your goals

A well-managed investment portfolio should support your mission for years to come. However, relying on this pool of capital can make your institution vulnerable to adverse events. Mercer may help.

By working closely with our endowments and foundations consulting professionals, you can gain a more strategic perspective on governance processes and implementation considerations – ensuring the checks and balances necessary to support successful investment execution.

Our endowments and foundations investment consultants may help you establish the checks and balances necessary to support successful investment execution.

Full-service endowments and foundations fund investment consulting

At Mercer, we believe in an extensive and customizable approach to endowments and foundations consulting. Our solutions feature:
  • A team that partners with you.
    Our dedicated endowments and foundations investment consulting team has extensive experience working with many types of non-profit organizations. We understand industry practices and tailor investment solutions so that they help meet your unique operating circumstances, risk tolerance, and spending needs.
  • A focus on effective, efficient decision-making.
    Mercer’s portfolio construction, monitoring, reporting, and communication philosophies are all focused on helping you make effective decisions efficiently. That’s because everything we do is designed to help you meet your investment goals and support your mission.
  • A full suite of services.
    Mercer offers a full suite of services specially tailored for endowments and foundations, from investment research to advice to delegated solutions and OCIO endowments. Discover how our endowments and foundations consulting may help drive your positive long-term results.
The scale of work that we do with endowments and foundations and the depth of our specialist team provide a competitive value to our clients.
Texas Hemmaplardh

US Non-Profit Business Leader

Connect with our endowments and foundations consulting professionals

We’re ready to help!

At Mercer, we may help you develop a portfolio that advances your investment goals and reflects your specific morals and ethics.

From portfolio structure to alternative investments, Mercer has more than 40 years of experience helping not-for-profit organizations implement fiduciary industry practices.

Getting started is simple. Set up a free consultation to receive more information.

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