HERO scorecard© in collaboration with Mercer

A strong culture of employee well-being can reduce turnover, lower healthcare costs and boost profitability.

Employee workplace health and well-being are critical for any organization. 

Well-designed, comprehensive and evidence-based workplace health promotion programs can improve employees’ health risk profile and lower their healthcare costs. But not all employers have the tools and knowledge to design and implement world-class employee health and well-being initiatives. Luckily, there is a industry leading tool to help employers: the HERO Scorecard©.

What is the HERO Scorecard©?

Since 2009, the HERO Health and Well-Being Best Practices Scorecard© in Collaboration with Mercer has helped employers measure how their efforts align with industry best practices. the HERO Scorecard© is a free, online tool that has become one of the most widely used organizational health and well-being assessment tools. More than 2,000 employers have completed the HERO Scorecard© in the past 10 years, including companies from ranging from manufacturing and healthcare industries, to various municipalities, universities and nonprofit organizations.

Experts, thought leaders and employers consult the HERO Scorecard© to help with benchmarking, strategic planning and evaluating their initiative’s success. The HERO Scorecard© can help inform strategies to improve outcomes that are important to businesses — health cost trends and employee health. Here’s a few ways the Scorecard can help:

  1. Hosts an inventory of health and well‑being best practices compiled by leaders in the field.
  2. Reveals national norms to validate current strategies, identify opportunities and set goals for improvement.
  3. Guides strategies to improve outcomes and measure progress over time.
  4. Provides both US and  international  versions that are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Want to learn more? Check out the 2022 Progress Report and see how the HERO Scorecard© is helping organizations around the globe. 
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