Mercer Indigo is a new, integrated benefits platform tailored for non-traditional workers. Freelancers and contractors are critical to an organization’s success but not eligible for the employer-sponsored total rewards program. Workers, like you, deserve the opportunity to access benefit options to achieve financial stability.

Frequently asked questions for contractors

  1. Do I qualify for these benefits?
    If you work for an organization as an independent contractor, non-employee, and are interested in a variety of benefit options available to you – you are the reason Mercer Indigo was created!
  2. How do I sign up for these benefits?
    Mercer Indigo is a platform (website) that will be available to organizations to help their contractors, gig workers and other non-traditional employees – like you - find benefits for personal and business coverage. You sign up for these benefits through your hiring business, if they offer Mercer Indigo.
  3. How do I know what businesses currently offer Mercer Indigo?
    Mercer Indigo will officially launch on July 1, 2021. Ask your hiring business if they offer Mercer Indigo! Click Subscribe below to stay informed on businesses offering Mercer Indigo and the information you need as an on-demand worker.
  4. How can I find out what benefits Mercer Indigo offers?
    Mercer Indigo offers a comprehensive suite of benefits including everything from health, life, business coverages, auto, dental, vision and a variety of liability and security products. Visit the website at

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