Mercer and CPR Introduce the Vitals for Change Scorecard 

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Jul 19 2018

When enough employers demand more for their employees, the whole health system changes for the better. That’s the thinking behind Mercer’s “Vitals for Change” framework. It’s a call to action for employers to:

  • Pay for value Reimburse providers based on quality and outcomes, not volume
  • Drive to quality Steer members to high-quality care using data, technology and user insights 
  • Personalize the experience Build engagement by providing choice and customizing member interactions
  • Embrace disruption Seek out opportunities in the rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem 

To amplify this message, we created the Vitals for Change Scorecard, a free assessment and benchmarking tool that can help employers identify ways to optimize their health benefits programs. In developing the Scorecard, we teamed up with the Catalyst for Payment Reform, an influential nonprofit that, like Mercer, wants to help employers understand how to use their power as a change agent.

Why try it?

The Vitals for Change Scorecard is a quick and engaging tutorial on transformative healthcare strategies. It’s also a way to assess where your organization is relative to where the market is going. If you take the Scorecard, don’t expect that you’ll check most -- or even many -- of the boxes! To a large extent, the practices listed are only just now becoming actionable for employers.

For an investment of 15-20 minutes of time, the Scorecard offers:

  • Education: The questions serve as an inventory of forward-looking strategies to consider. Taking the Scorecard can help you envision a new future for your health program—and the output will be valuable for discussions with health plan partners and other vendors.
  • Strategic planning support: The Scorecard is intended to lead to action—from small steps you can take now to truly transformative change. It’s a resource to help chart a path to a more innovative, effective health program.
  • Benchmarking: You instantly receive your scores compared to national averages, helping you identify areas of opportunity. Take the Scorecard periodically to track your progress.

At the same time, your participation will help build a national database that will be used to further the industry’s understanding of the steps employers can take to transform the US healthcare system for the better.

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