The new shape of work: Design benefits that truly benefit 

Ensure you’re offering the support employees really want — benefits that protect and promote their well-being.

According to Mercer’s research, health and well-being are the top workforce concerns of executives and HR leaders. And they’re key elements of the employee experience.

Well-being is about creating a caring culture to ensure your employees and business thrive. But in an environment defined by constant change, providing a health and well-being experience that’s flexible and that employees value can be a challenge. Employers struggle with new approaches, including how to create benefits that truly benefit a diverse workforce.

By listening to employees, using human-centered design, and holding partners accountable, companies can be sure they’re offering the support employees want, giving them what they need to build and protect their physical, emotional and financial well-being.

43% of employees want their employers to foster a more “pro-health” environment.

A holistic approach to employee benefits

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