Health & Benefit Strategies for 2025 

Health & Benefit Strategies for 2025

Survey on Health & Benefit Strategies for 2025 Report

Despite higher healthcare cost trends, fewer than half of large employers - those with 500 or more employees - are likely to take cost-cutting measures in 2025 like raising deductibles or copays, according to Mercer’s new Survey on Health and Benefit Strategies for 2025. Many will use high-performance provider networks or other strategies to steer employees to higher-quality, lower-cost care next year. While the survey found employers will continue to enhance their health programs, they are likely to be more selective than in past years.  

What US employers are planning for 2025:

  • No cuts to coverage for obesity medication
    Despite the spike in Rx spending, more are likely to add coverage for obesity medications rather than drop it.
  • Prioritizing women’s – and men’s - reproductive health
    35% will cover men's fertility testing – and will add benefits to support a range of women’s reproductive health needs.
  • Addressing climate impacts on worker health
    Over half have implemented policies or programs for extreme weather and natural disasters or have plans to do so.


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