The truth about pay in the high-technology industry 

Companies of all sizes and industries want to know how and why high-tech companies pay their people what they do. One of the main reasons for this interest is that companies outside the high-tech industry want to know how to pay their own tech workers. There’s an air of mystery around pay practices in high tech, and leaders are curious about variations in pay for performance, location, and job types and levels.

Our objective in this study was to separate theory from reality and understand a few very basic questions:

  • What are the real reasons behind pay practices at high tech organizations?
  • How do pay drivers vary from segment to segment (e.g. Hardware vs. E-Commerce)?
  • How much cross-company variation is there (e.g. Does pay for performance hold true across all types of tech)?

The dialogue about pay practices in high tech typically focuses on job-specific case studies or high-level trends. In sharing our findings, we aim to help your organization make better fact-based decisions about what to pay your tech workers.

Tech companies can use this research to compare their pay practices to others in their industry. Organizations looking to tech as an example can understand what really happens, beyond the theories and anecdotes.

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Tauseef Rahman

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Jonathan Cottrell
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