Spotlight on pay for skills: Future-proof your organization 

Imagine a world where you could predict the skills your organization will need today, tomorrow and well into the future. Recent experiences have taught us the value of knowing what skills reside within the organization, how demand for skills can swiftly shift with the market, and the value of deploying or developing existing employees to meet changing needs. By knowing how work will change and the impact on skills demand, organizations can reskill or upskill their people to future-proof their workforces for whatever upheavals may come.

Mercer has teamed up with Eightfold AI to unlock the workforce’s full potential through world-class talent strategy design powered by cutting-edge talent AI. Helping our clients advance the new shape of work requires agility, digitization and a future focus.

Creating a culture that breeds transparency

At the core of a successful pay-for-skills initiative is a culture that reinforces the value of skill development and rewards for market and business relevancy. With greater transparency and insights backed by unbiased data, employees can understand what skills are valued and needed.
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