Rethinking what we need from work 

Highlights from the Flexible Work Policies and Practices Survey and 2022 Inside Employees' Minds Survey

COVID-19 has reshaped how work gets done. Employers are now adopting permanent flexibility for their workforce. And this is aligned with employee expectations – behind pay, flexibility is the top item that employees say would attract them to a new employer. While the majority of employers say they will adopt a hybrid model, where work gets done is only one aspect of flexibility – when, what, who and how work gets done should also be considered.

But how are employer and employee expectations aligning – and what’s next in flexible working? Discover the highlights from  Mercer’s 2022 Flexible Working Policies and Practices survey which spanned 749 US Employers and see key insights from the  2022 Inside Employees Minds Report which captured the feedback from over 4,000 US employees.
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