The future of employee listening 

Five questions to consider

Over the past two years, employees have had to cope with a tremendous amount of terror, trauma, and change. If you haven’t asked your workforce how they are feeling, what their concerns are, and what support they need now and in the future, it will be challenging to serve them well. During times like these, it’s critical that your employees feel heard, understood and supported. Various studies have found that social support increases our resilience and ability to cope. Listening to your employees is an effective way to both provide support and solve organizational problems.

So what’s the best way to listen to your employees as we move to an endemic state? Your pre-pandemic approach won’t work – it could be perceived as callous or tone-deaf. Ensuring your workforce feels heard in today’s world requires an approach to employee listening and research that is nimble, empathetic, and responsive. Based on our experience, the best way to design an empathetic employee listening program that is in tune with both the current and future needs of your workforce is to focus on five key questions.

Download the full whitepaper to uncover the five questions that can help you design an employee listening campaign that will allow your leaders, managers, and employees to express their concerns, identify emerging problems, and work together to find new solutions and meet the challenges of the day.

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