Change management: Embrace change, it is here to stay 

In a time of extraordinary, never-ending change, organizations need to keep up with new challenges and ways of working.

According to Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report, 97% of organizations are planning significant transformation this year and 85% of companies are co-creating new employee experiences with their people.

Effective change management helps transform the unsettling to something that feels more natural and routine. It addresses the logical and emotional aspects of change through a purposeful and connected change experience journey. Targeted interventions then lead to greater commitment and adoption.

Change isn’t about the tools – it’s about the people who deliver it.
Cynthia Wenzel

Mercer Partner and Change Expert

At Mercer, we believe that individuals don’t resist change, but being changed. It is essential to focus on the employee perspective when developing a change management approach. Thoughtful change management can reframe perceived threats and shift the focus from challenges to opportunities, or simply acceptance of the new realities the change creates. 

Five dos and don’ts of change management

  1. Don’t shortcut the process because it’s hard or uncomfortable
  2. Do create a people- centered approach
  3. Do engage key stakeholders early and often
  4. Don’t confuse change management with project management
  5. Do partner with Mercer to get meaningful results

Put people at the heart of change

In our new point of view, Embrace change: It is here to stay, we detail these dos and don’ts and outline:
  • How people process change
  • A flexible, five-lever framework that helps organizations create sustainable change
  • A specific example of how Mercer collaborated with a client to drive culture change
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