The “Delivering the Deal” spotlight series is where Mercer’s leading experts discuss the most pressing issues facing business leaders and deal professionals in M&A today.

Retention strategies strive to provide a strong reason for key talent to stay with the company. What are the monetary and non-monetary tactics to encourage retention post-deal? Find out how organizations should incorporate these trends and retain critical talent.
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  • People risk

    "Critical talent will always exist in deals, whether it is critical in the short-term to accomplish the deal requirements or key to the long-term business case."
  • Talent retention

    "Retention strategies basically strive to provide a strong reason for key talent to stay with the company. Sometimes its simply financial and sometimes non-monetary."
  • Sharing perspectives

    "From both a buyer’s perspective and a seller's perspective, retaining key talent is critical. They are looking at it from opposite angles opposite ends of the transaction. The seller is trying to make sure that I have the talent, and the buyer is looking at the talent they are acquiring to make sure they have the right people in place."
  • Deal success

    "There are ample opportunities for both the buyers and sellers to work together to potentially think about retention mechanisms that straddle the entire transaction timeline."

Delivering the Deal

The unrealized potential of people in deal value creation

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