Shared services 4.0: Putting people first 

How does your HR shared services compare?

The pandemic has taught us about our collective responsibility and exposed cracks in our existing structures to deliver agile practices, including the often-poor employee experience (EX) of shared services. Once heralded as the savior of HR and a leader in how to work remotely and/or digitally, this vital subfunction was often dismissed by employees, who found it easier to get their information from familiar and trusted business partners. Now is the time to refocus on how services are best shared in a new world order and a new world of work.

With the gap between employee expectations and their experience of HR widening, HR transformation needs to evolve at an even quicker pace than before the pandemic.

Successful organizations design delightful experiences that bring out the best in their people, and never is this more vital than during times of change. Creating a people focused function is key.  

Creating a people-focused function

The future of shared services

Delivering on the vision of shared services 4.0 will reflect the organization today as well as its aspirations for tomorrow on culture, community, communication and collaboration. Employees will visit or be nudged by the EX portal to help them navigate the company, connect with coworkers, and enrich their careers and wellbeing. The key to moving up the shared services maturity curve starts with regularly listening to employees’ needs and preferences and using those insights to redesign not just the experience of HR but the experience of work itself.

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