Oracle introduces generative AI 

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Oracle, announced its Generative AI capabilities for Oracle Cloud HCM. 

With this innovation, Oracle plans to address the most immediate value to be gained with AI for HR: better efficiency and improved experience for people, producing more value for the business overall. 

Generative AI is a game changer

We would have expected this news from Oracle. We have all come to quickly understand how transformative Generative AI can be in terms of how work gets done. Let’s remember, Oracle has been leveraging embedded AI in its product offerings for a long time to drive intelligent workflows behind the scenes. What we will see from Oracle after CloudWorld in just a few months is solution-oriented AI technology that can improve authoring, suggest actions, and summarize information. This is human assistance that is interpreted and perfected by a human before it becomes part of a system of record.

Generative AI enhances and augments the capabilities, capacity, and speed of humans. By leveraging trained Generative AI models and applying its own AI framework, Oracle will use current AI/ML solutions like Dynamic Skills to augment a variety of tasks, like informing and generating a job requisition. In this way, data within applications becomes stronger and produces better decisions, and feedback loops help to create an advantage.

Listening to customers

More than 80% of Oracle’s product enhancements and innovative updates are driven by its customers. In this case, Oracle is executing on high value-adding use cases, both utilitarian and strategic. AI authoring is an excellent use case, helping employees write and refine goals for their own development. What an empowering move, to provide intelligent assistance to better help people articulate and find expression for how they would like to grow and develop.

Suggestions will also be incorporated to make recommendations, understand individual capabilities, and predict what a person should be doing. (Think: suggested survey questions based on the type of survey being designed.) And summarization capabilities will help drive productivity and compliance so you can get on with other tasks you should be working on. (Think: incorporating a year’s worth of feedback into a succinct performance summary for a manager to leverage.)

Oracle customers should understand these are embedded enhancements once fully released by the end of this year. You will be able to decide whether to make new features available to all, part, or none of the workforce. Once enabled, employees would still be able to decide whether to invoke AI support, and even after that can decide whether to accept the output received.

What this means for the market

Having this kind of generative AI embedded in a broad, connected solution platform versus within a single point solution in your tech stack is truly powerful. Data drives intelligence, and the more connected systems with data points about how people work and what they need to accomplish the better the intelligent authoring, suggestions, and summarization outputs. Oracle will absolutely improve the efficiency and overall experience of its customer base with this generative AI release.

Congratulations to Oracle on this exciting announcement. Read more in the Oracle press release. We look forward to seeing more examples of this innovation at work at Oracle CloudWorld ahead of the fall release.

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