Navigating the AI wave: A guide for HR technology vendors 

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Booking flights, packing bags, honing message? Must be fall conference season for Work Tech conferences.

There’s a lot of excitement and buzz about product innovation and launches, and rightly so. Amidst the fervor, Generative AI stands out as an emerging topic that has captivated our collective attention.

We offer five ways to elevate your Generative AI narrative and make a thoughtful, relevant, enduring, impact this conference season – plus an extra tip for those still navigating the AI landscape.

  1. Speak human, not tech:
    Transform complex Generative AI concepts into relatable benefits. Focus on real-world applications, such as automating processes or crafting personalized employee experiences.
  2. Show the impact: 
    Bring your Generative AI capabilities to life with captivating demos. Showcase how your solution leverages the power of Generative AI in an employee journey during a moment that matters.
  3. Tailor for personalization:
    Highlight the flexibility of your Generative AI. Illustrate how leaders can fine-tune your solution to align with their organization’s distinct requirements.
  4. Embrace the ‘human’ element:
    Address concerns about the ‘human touch’ in Generative AI. Share stories about how your solution amplifies human creativity and decision-making rather than replacing it. The earliest wins for emerging technology should be to assist people.
  5. Champion ethics and transparency:
    Prioritize fairness, bias detection and prevention, and transparency in your Generative AI approach. Showcase your commitment to responsible and accountable AI.

“But wait, we aren’t ready to talk about Generative AI yet!”

Embrace innovation and carve your position

What if you’re not quite ready to unveil a full-fledged Generative AI story? No worries! Embrace your journey as an innovator and position your company as a trailblazer in the Work Tech space. Highlight the steps you’re taking toward integrating Generative AI into your solutions, even if you’re not there just yet. 

Has AI been embedded in your solution since the beginning of time? Tell us that, explain the difference between Generative AI and the kind of AI that’s been driving a lot of innovation already, and illustrate your commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Discuss your ongoing research, development, and experimentation with AI-driven features, generative or not, showcasing your dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions. By positioning yourselves as innovators who are actively working on an AI story, you’ll captivate your audience’s imagination and anticipation. Remember, innovation is an ongoing journey, and your enthusiasm and commitment can be just as compelling as a fully realized Generative AI story.

If you’ve shied away from a Generative AI story so far, do not shy away from the spotlight. Embrace your role as an innovator and seize the opportunity to position your company as a beacon of future possibilities in the Work Tech landscape. Your dedication to progress and your unique journey can be a compelling narrative in its own right.

Armed with this approach, you’re poised to navigate the upcoming fall conference season with an answer to the inevitable question “What are you doing around AI?” that resonates deeply, captures attention, and positions your brand as a leader in Work Tech innovation.

As you gear up for the fall conference season, keep these tips in mind to craft an AI message that resonates with your audience, showcases practical benefits, and addresses their concerns. Remember, it’s not just about the tech – it’s about the impact your AI-powered solutions can make in the world of HR. See you on the conference circuit!

About the author(s)
Jessica A Cheung

Digital HR Consultant, Mercer | Leapgen

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