Recorded on April 13, 2022 in partnership with WorldatWork

HR teams across the globe have been tasked with the responsibility of establishing a skilled and agile workforce. HR teams have sprung into action with emphasis on revisiting workforce planning and designing new talent processes around skills. Many companies have made this an initiative, but just because it has been identified as a goal doesn’t mean significant progress is easy.

Mercer consultants, Brian Fisher and Jesse Bramall, will share Mercer’s latest Global Talent Trends research and their own personal experiences helping clients advance in skills-based practices. In doing so, they will emphasize the importance of securing quality skills data and how it can be used to move forward toward the Future of Work and inch at a time or by the mile.

They will shine a light on two areas, recruiting and rewards, which are both front and center considering the Great Resignation. The Mercer team will advise on what you need to know before you make even the smallest improvements. Meeting employers where they are along the skills journey is important, including the consideration of the desired pace of change. Accordingly, their practical advice will include the improvements to current recruiting processes, the redesign of rewards programs, and steps required to transform the workforce.

You will learn:

  • The latest data on how employers are prioritizing skills-based practices
  • How to ramp up your knowledge of skills
  • Where to get started, and how to make meaningful progress


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