Join us for a robust discussion on how HR leaders can think “like a human” in their approach to designing for change and digitization of the employee benefits experience. Technology solutions don’t work in isolation...either from other systems or from the humans engaging with them. From benefits enrollment, digital benefits engagement and ongoing administration solutions to broader total rewards platforms and engagement tools, the ecosystem of solutions and employee interaction data is growing rapidly. Register now to hear Mercer experts in digital transformation, employee experience architecture and digital solutions discuss what is needed to “think like a human” and make technology work for people, not the other way around!

Why attend

Explore answers to these questions and more: 

  • How can we harness HR technology for a (more) human way of engaging with benefits? 
  • How do we balance broader goals for digitization while accounting for a multi-generational workforce with varying degrees of digital accessibility?
  • How to evaluate point solutions and systems as part of your larger technology ecosystem?
  • How might solutions such as benefits enrollment, administration and total rewards solutions help accelerate the transformation of your employee experience?
  • What is the right framework to evaluate Employee Health solutions through the lens of the broader Employee Experience Architecture?
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