Navigating Medicare is complex for both employers and their employees. As an employer, how can you help employees smoothly transition into Medicare? How do you help employees who are over age 65 but still actively working when they have questions about Medicare? Did you know that some Medicare-eligible employees have options to consider other than their employer group health plan?

Why attend

Hear how you can help employees better navigate their Medicare options and be more informed in their decision making while improving your value proposition. Hear from experts as they break down Medicare misconceptions and share actionable insights to help you get started.

Who should attend

Benefits leaders, anyone who participates in employee health & benefits programs


Moderator & Host:

Melissa Jimeno
Principal, Mercer

John Ekey
Principal, Mercer

Kristin Hood
Principal, Mercer

Casey O'Donnell
Account Executive, Spring Venture Group

May 19, 2022


12:00 PM ET

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