Digital transformation for HR and the enterprise demands a different type of leadership from HR. 


Digital transformation for HR and the enterprise demands a different type of leadership from HR. Today’s HR leader needs to not only grasp but embrace emerging technologies that can optimize processes and drive business success. Generative AI is revolutionizing the HR function by automating tasks, analyzing data, enhancing decision-making, and transforming workforce experience. It’s an incredibly powerful technological advancement, but only if we know how to harness it for good.

Mercer | Leapgen brings you an interactive webcast with two industry-shaping analysts and workforce technology experts to help you understand the most practical and high-value use cases for AI in HR. Of course it can improve efficiency, experience, and engagement, but only if we know where to start, how to leverage, and how to govern and scale.

Why attend

Jason Averbook and Jim Holincheck talk in practical, actionable terms about Generative AI for HR:

  • What’s the current state and applicability of Generative AI for HR?
  • What are real-life examples illustrating the transformative power of this emerging technology for business?
  • How can Generative AI tools assist HR leaders in making better data-driven decisions?
  • How should we be using Generative AI to personalize and improve employee experiences?
  • How can Generative AI immediately and tangibly improve employee engagement, communication, and self-service capabilities?
  • Most importantly, how should you integrate Generative AI into your HR function on your journey to become digital?

This workshop will illustrate where AI can have the greatest impact on your team, your HR organization, and your business. We’ll also help you navigate the challenges you would expect with any technology deployment, including developing a strategy and deployment roadmap you can sustain.

Embark on your journey to effectively harness the power of Generative AI for HR.

Who Should Attend

HR leadership, manager level and above.


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