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Asia Pacific Leadership Development Practices Study
13 February 2013
Kate Bravery

The leadership pipeline is routinely cited as one of the biggest challenges facing organizations across Asia Pacific. Mercer recently conducted the Asia Pacific Leadership Development Practices Study to develop insights into the current state of leadership strategy, assessment, development and succession management in Asia Pacific.

The following key insights were gleaned from the study:

  • While strategies are in place in many organizations, execution remains a significant problem.
  • Systems and processes for executing talent management processes are extremely inefficient, largely because the infrastructure necessary to execute the leadership agenda is missing.
  • Although over half the organizations surveyed say they have no barriers preventing women from advancing to senior leadership roles, organizations are not focusing leadership development efforts on women as a segment.
  • Companies continue to rely on expatriates for top leadership roles, calling into question the effectiveness of leadership development and localization strategies.
  • A lack of funding is not one of the barriers to leadership development – companies are willing to invest, at least when it comes to top-level leaders.
  • Organizations are spending significant sums to develop leaders at the top of the house, but they may not be reaching deeply or early enough into their leadership pipelines.
  • Leaders and managers are not being held accountable for grooming leadership talent.
  • People-related competencies are not among those seen as most critical by organizations in Asia Pacific.

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