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Mercer's 2010 Quality of living survey - Middle East and Africa



Global overview

Regional focus

  • Middle East & Africa





Top 5 cities: Quality of living Top 5 Eco-cities
  • Dubai (75th)
  • Port Louis (82nd)
  • Abu Dhabi (83rd)
  • Cape Town (86th)
  • Tunis (94th)
  • Cape Town (30th)
  • Victoria (38th)
  • Muscat (48th)
  • Johannesburg (54th)
  • Abu Dhabi (tied 65th)
  • Dubai (tied 65th)

The Middle East

Regional instability continues to be the main problem facing the Middle East. The threat of terrorist attacks remains high.

The situation in Iraq remains highly volatile. Terrorist attacks occur extremely frequently and crime rates have soared, meaning safety levels are critically low. Baghdad continues to be the world’s least secure city.


Tehran (Iran) witnessed deterioration in its internal stability, with violent demonstrations occurring against the government in 2009. Furthermore, freedom of expression as well as academic and religious freedom are all restricted.


Security continues to be a major concern in other Middle Eastern countries, such as Israel, the Palestinian Territory and Lebanon (though Lebanon has slightly improved in its internal stability by forming a government of national unity last November).


Political and economic unrest continued to dominate in Africa in 2009, and these problems have been an important factor contributing to the sense of insecurity looming within the majority of African countries.


The death of Guinea’s President Lansana Conte, in December 2008, led to a considerable deterioration in the region’s political stability. Crime, corruption and poor law enforcement are prevalent. The unstable political and social environments make living conditions for expatriates very difficult in the country and especially in the capital, Conakry.


Violent conflict also rages on in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with heavy clashes in the northeast region of the country between army troops (jointly with the Rwandan military) and Tutsi rebels. The turbulent political and social environments, as well as poor medical and sanitary conditions, have led to a very low quality of living. And it is only expected to worsen if the violent conflicts spread to the entire country.


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