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Data-driven automated testing solutions

Welcome to a new era of risk mitigation for Workday through test automation.

Navigating your Workday testing and change management challenges

Like all ERP/HRIS applications, Workday requires ongoing care and maintenance to ensure smooth operation. At Mercer, we understand the challenges of maintaining operational efficiency, risk mitigation, data integrity and managing change. 

Mercer Assure + Change, our data-driven automated testing solution, is key to both a successful implementation and to navigating a sustainable digital transformation. 

Types of risk:

  • Data integrity
    Over 90% of production issues can be traced back to inaccurate or unaccounted combinations of metadata. It's crucial to continually refine your data validation and monitoring practices to ensure high standards of data integrity.
  • Configuration
    We focus on ensuring Workday's optimal performance during customer updates and tailored configurations, not on software bugs.
  • Integration
    As Workday communicates with upstream and downstream systems, understanding the frequency and reasons for automation failure guides us in enhancing system reliability and pinpointing critical areas for improvement.
  • Administrative support and maintenance
    With everyone doing more with less, you need to determine how to replace people-centric, tactical system nurturing with new tools and technology. Automated testing solutions significantly reduce manual effort and enhance the efficiency and reliability of your systems.

Timing of risk:

  • Deployment
    During initial Workday implementation, things move fast. With the introduction of new technologies and concepts, the speed of data collection, and hasty decision making, not everything will be perfect.
  • Post go-live
    After initial implementation, the stabilization phase addresses these initial issues. In the months and years to follow, your Workday tenant will continually evolve as your business changes—as you enter new geographies, experience M&A activity, and as your employees (including Workday administrators) come and go. Effectively managing these risks, and tracking changes post go-live, are crucial to maintaining the ongoing success of your Workday system.

Technology advancements are reshaping industries. The need for robust automated testing has never been more critical. As businesses strive to keep pace with technological innovations to maintain a competitive edge, the challenges of ensuring technology reliability and data integrity grow increasingly complex.

At Mercer, we understand these challenges intimately. Our automated testing solution, powered by Mercer Assure + Change, is designed to tackle these evolving demands head-on. We'll empower your business with seamless, efficient, data-driven and comprehensive testing solutions that pave the way for success in a digital-first world.

Your benefit: Gain clarity and control in your operational environment.

Addressing your core challenges 

Every step you take with us is a step toward:
  • Simplifying change management

    It's crucial to monitor who’s making changes, when new security groups are added, and whether any new business processes might violate separation of duties compliance. With Mercer Assure we’ll provide real-time, or scheduled alerts, in reports or dashboards.
  • Streamlining testing processes

    We’ll help you completely automate your testing efforts, so can run them as often as you'd like.
  • Ensuring data integrity

    Humans can’t test every relevant combination of metadata inside your Workday tenant. Mercer Assure + Change™ can. It’s designed to meticulously handle this challenge—extending the scope of your testing and exponentially decreasing your risk profile.
  • Identifying and resolving issues

    Mercer Assure + Change™ not only provides the technology to do the heavy lifting, but also offers continuous value-added services to monitor and recommend recurring changes. When coupled with our Application Management Services offering, Mercer can also perform issues resolution.

Introducing Mercer Assure + Change: Your ally in risk mitigation

Elevate your Workday risk mitigation strategy from reactive to proactive.

  • Innovative change management: Track system changes from security to SoD to configuration in real-time.
  • Automated testing: Run scheduled, or on-demand, tests—for any reason, at any time.
  • Data-driven decisions: Reduce data integrity issues to ensure accurate decision making.
  • Beyond Workday: Full end-to-end capabilities to test in- and outbound data feeds.
  • Robust security, effortless operation: FIPS-level encryption at rest and in transmission.
  • Seamless cloud integration: Hassle-free setup, significant outcomes.
  • Sustainability: Reduce risk while reducing tactical work.
  • Stay ahead of risks: Preemptively tackle potential issues.

Your partners in digital transformation: Mercer and turnkey solutions

Join us on a journey of innovation, efficiency and unparalleled results.

Mercer is proud to partner with Turnkey Solutions, a preeminent provider of machine-learning powered testing solutions using their Rainier AEV automation platform. RainierAEV™ is a complete QA solution for large scale enterprise applications. It offers the next generation of capability for enterprises to test and validate business processes, integrations and data.

Your success is our mission. Together, we can turn challenges into victories.

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