Defined benefit plan administration

Help alleviate resource constraints, administer plan complexities and manage compliance risks in your defined benefits (DB)  plan.

The plan administrative burden

Although defined benefits (DB) plans can offer a valuable benefit to your organization – and your employees – they are also prone to administrative errors, compliance omissions and participant service-delivery issues.

A range of plan administration options

We work with employers to help deliver compelling DB plan administration outsourcing services, offering a differentiating blend of expertise, flexibility, and proactivity.

Our outsourcing services range from co-sourced to fully outsourced – and we can provide temporary assistance during times of critical business or staff change. Each solution includes a careful review and assessment as well as the project management expertise to work through the options and issues. We offer tailored solutions for both the mid and large markets.

Our services include:

  • Calculation services

    Includes completing estimated and final pension calculations, such as individual benefit election packets
  • Co-sourcing

    As a client, you can use our plan sponsor self-service system to administer calculation processes and paperwork with support from Mercer pension professionals.
  • Plan administration consulting

    Consulting services include supporting your organization through various change events, such as amendments, acquisitions and divestitures, spin-offs and mergers, legislative changes or major system changes, and meeting your needs on an as-needed or recurring basis.
  • Risk mitigation

    Includes assessing annuity, purchase-terminated vested cash-out offers, and plan termination.
  • Full outsourcing

    Full pension plan outsourcing includes a dedicated participant call center/web portal, calculations, trust authorization, data maintenance, online retirement capability, retiree maintenance, and educational content to allow your team to focus on other more strategic functions.

Why choose Mercer for your DB plan administration?

We know the value that defined benefit plans can provide for your organization. Yet they are time-consuming to manage, data-intensive, and complex.

Let us help. We have more than 80 years of experience in benefits plan administration and may be able to help maximize your defined benefit plan. By outsourcing all or part of your DB plan administration, your HR resources have more time to focus on the strategic issues of your organization. We want to help you:

  • Pursue your long-term plan goals
  • Deliver exceptional service and professionalism to your plan participants
  • Quickly and efficiently implement risk-mitigation projects
  • Provide plan participants with the technology for online benefits modeling, including optional forms of payment and access to plan information
  • Address one-time or ad hoc projects, such as data cleanup, large calculation projects, plan changes, and early retirement programs


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