Benefits Optimization

From people to programs, organizations are challenged with the complexity of trying to balance rising costs with attracting and retaining talent in a tight labor market.

The challenge

Helping you deliver on your strategy

To get the most out of your benefit programs, total rewards strategy, and retirement plan, you first need to understand your employee population, employee engagement and cost drivers. Your data is just the start — we also apply analytic insights from our proprietary tools and benchmarking data to identify strategies and solutions that fit your organization and your people.

Let’s work together – what we can do for you

At Mercer, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all benefits solution. We take a deep dive into your existing benefits programs and compare your plan data to industry, peer group, regional or national survey data to see how you measure up to your competitors and the latest trends and best practices in the market. The results are used to guide discussions and develop a tailored strategy to meet your business needs.

Understanding employee needs is one of the most critical elements when designing and delivering a total rewards strategy. We will help you properly optimized benefits to reduce people risks, boost health and employee engagement, while helping your company attract and retain talent. Critical to success is collecting and interpreting data on which benefits your employees are actually using.

In today’s hiring landscape, your defined contribution (DC) plan has to compete. Our proprietary tool compares your plan provisions, investment structure and governance against survey data, the current DC market and our recommended best practices for plans of similar size and industry. The result is a robust set of data and insights to help determine opportunities for improvement — and areas of potential risk.

Our experience in Benefits Optimization with proven results…  


estimated first year of savings

Client with 700 eligible employees nationwide looking for savings opportunity. 


immediately identified saving

Client needed to pivot their strategy to stabilize the balance sheet and keep benefits meaningful for their 500 employees. 

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