The new shape of work: Design for digital 

Embark on a sustainable digital transformation journey

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, less than a quarter of the workforce worked remotely on a regular basis. Many companies have relied on existing technology infrastructure to respond to the immediate need to support an increasing number of remote workers.

But organizations will need to do more to create a truly digital work experience for their employees that will serve them in the long term.

Employee expectations are changing, requiring employers to transform how benefits are delivered. Two in five workers, for example, say they are “much less likely” or “less likely” to leave if their employers promote or sponsor digital health solutions.

Employers should explore new technologies that enable connectivity and collaboration in this changing work environment. They should also focus on building employees’ digital capabilities. Just as crucially, employers should consider how HR can accelerate its own transformation. HR teams must design employee experiences fit for a flexible and digital working environment. This means shifting from designing experiences in advance to creating them in real time.

Speed is key. Learn how to accelerate your HR transformation and digitalization to improve HR’s efficiency and strategic contribution to the business.

Accelerating HR digital transformation is one of the top three priorities for HR leaders in 2021.

HR Transformation Accelerator

Speed is of the essence, fast results are needed and must be implemented quickly to keep momentum
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