Achieving operational efficiencies 

Factors of operational efficiencies


  • Timely execution of investment decisions
  • Access to alternatives and private markets
  • Client-focused investment solutions
  • Scale to reduce fees and operational and administrative costs
  • Time, resources and budget allocated to managing investments
  • Internal expertise and skills
Time, resources and expertise are at a premium – especially at times of stress, but a failure to manage risks and costs can quickly impact overall portfolio performance and jeopardize your ultimate outcomes. Working with a partner that has scale, operational resources and capabilities could dramatically improve your efficiencies and reduce the risk of not meeting your objectives. Access to expert research can help you make informed investment decisions, capture opportunities while keeping costs down, prioritizing day-to-day decision-making and building portfolio resilience through good governance.

Achieving operational efficiencies

  • Do your research

    It’s important to have access to the latest insights, trends, analytics and manager research to help you achieve operational efficiencies. We provide you with the latest updates at your fingertips through our global investment research and our forward-looking manager research platform MercerInsight®

    Global investment research


    Strategic research community

  • Get some advice

    Speaking to an expert can help you decide the best way to help convert expert insight into outcomes. We can advise you on your investment strategy, manager selection and oversight, asset allocation, portfolio construction, sustainable investing and risk management.

    Connect with a consultant

    Mercer Advisory Services

  • Explore investment solutions

    Implementing an investment solution or OCIO could help you reduce your costs and risks and reduce the strain on your internal resources. It can also help you position your portfolio to be in a position to capture opportunities more efficiently. We partner with you to design a complete risk and governance solution.

    Mercer's investment solutions

How we’re helping clients achieve operational efficiencies

Seeking cost efficiencies

A global client wanted clarity around the investment strategy of its largest defined benefit (DB) plans and to investigate potential cost efficiencies around its commonly used investment managers within these plans.

We worked with the in-house investment team to identify the most common asset classes and built a global equity asset pool, hosted on an external platform, drawing on our extensive research to give all plans access to a high quality, diversified global equity fund that leveraged the scale of its total assets. The client’s new efficient framework allows them to focus more on their long-term strategies.

Featured solutions to help you be more efficient

Mercer’s investment solutions help you create a robust and agile portfolio, positioned to capture opportunities and minimize risks as they arise.
  • MercerInsight®

    A cloud-based platform for institutional investors and investment managers to gain access to insights from more than 200 Mercer researchers and analysts across a full spectrum of asset classes
  • Mercer Sentinel

    Mercer Sentinel is a dedicated team of experts focused on driving operational efficiency and risk mitigation. We’ll help you better manage the implementation of their investment activities associated with holding, trading, and servicing investment portfolios.
  • Investment solutions

    By implementing an investment solution, you can free your team to focus on higher value strategic priorities while an expert helps you with the investment, governance and risk management responsibilities. 

Investment insights

    Meet some of our experts
    Chief Investment Office, Americas

    Stan’s team is responsible for over $130 billion in Investment Solutions assets for clients in Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, and Not-for-Profit assets. His team focuses on providing Mercer’s best investment solutions to clients and implementing and monitoring those solutions. He sits on Mercer’s Global Investment Committee, the Chair of Mercer’s Discretionary Governance Manager Selection Committee, and a member of Mercer’s Not-for-Profit Investment Committee.

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