The State of Alternative Investments in Wealth Management 2023 

85% of financial advisors expect to increase allocations to one or more alternative asset classes within the next year, according to a CAIS and Mercer survey. 

The second annual CAIS-Mercer survey, “The State of Alternative Investments in Wealth Management 2023,” indicates a shift is underway from traditional 60/40 portfolios to a more diversified portfolio that includes public equities, fixed income, and alternatives.

Financial advisors are turning to alternative assets classes to help achieve portfolio goals, such as enhancing returns, diversifying risk, supplementing income, or preserving capital. Additionally, alternative investment strategies seem to help differentiate their businesses and attract and retain clients.

Download the survey for crucial insights into alternative investing. Highlights include:

  • How access to alternative investments can help advisors meet client goals and objectives, attract new clients, and retain existing clients. 
  • A comparison of alternative asset classes (private debt, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and structured notes) and their potential to enhance returns.
  • Trends in alternative investing and anticipated growth over the next 12 months.

Why Alternative Investments?  

More than three-quarters of advisors surveyed - 78% of them - felt that access to alternatives helps their clients meet their goals and objectives. Most of the respondents (83%) believe that including alternative investments provides a competitive business advantage, differentiating their practice from peers. A majority also felt that this access helps to win new clients (59%) or gain wallet share with existing clients (51%).

How access to alternative investments potentially helps advisor’s businesses

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Are you interested in learning more? Get the full survey results and see how the advisors we surveyed are turning to alternative asset classes, especially private debt, real estate, and private equity.  

The State of Alternative Investments in Wealth Management 2023

Explore financial advisors’ perspectives on alternative investments in the current market landscape.