Over the past two years, workplace challenges spurred by pandemic disruptions, social/political unrest and labor shortages have shifted the needs and priorities of employers and employees. No matter what industry, how big or small your company, or where you’re located, many of your employees are looking for you to help them meet their needs — mentally, physically and financially. Leveraging solutions, such as lifestyle benefits, which support employees through their various life stages, is now a critical part of an employer’s total rewards package.

Join us for a live webinar on April 13 as we dive deeper into the latest, innovative lifestyle benefits and how they can help meet your company and your employees’ evolving needs.

What you will learn

  • What lifestyle benefits are and how employees and employers are using them
  • How these benefits support client initiatives, including DEI, as well as attraction and retention strategies
  • Real-life examples of lifestyle solutions and how they’re helping employers address employees’ mental, physical and financial needs
  • Insights on specific lifestyle benefits that are most valued today and how they’re evolving employer offerings
  • How to identify your employee needs and choose the right partners and vendors for your lifestyle solutions

April 13, 2022


12:00 PM ET

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