Mining the insights from nearly 900 tech employees' minds!


The tech industry's race for talent has shifted to a contest for critical skills.  Moreover, tech employers are increasingly competing with non-traditional technology companies for that talent. It's more important than ever for employers to understand the concerns their employees have in order to attract, engage and retain top tech talent. A recent webinar hosted by Mercer reviewed the survey’s overall findings. Join us as we now dive deeper into the minds of neary 900 tech employees. 

Areas we will cover include:

  • Employee engagement, satisfaction and commitment levels (versus last year and relative to other industries)
  • Top five concerns that keep employees up at night
  • Feedback on AI’s future impact
  • Financial concerns and wellness trends
  • Physical and mental health concerns
  • Perspective pay transparency and employee compensation

Why attend

Join Mercer experts to hear the latest information on what’s happening in the labor market right now, what tech employees want, and how you can respond proactively. We’ll unveil insights form our latest survey of more than 4,000 U.S. employees, including those from nearly 900 tech employees.