The healthcare workforce at large is nearing a breaking point. For many in the industry, they’re already there. Between concerns for the well-being of patients, safety of the workplace, and reliability of their jobs, among a growing list of other critical factors, healthcare workers have gone on more strikes in the last year than ever before, following the largest reported US nursing strike in September of last year. Moreover, unionization has become a major threat to the industry. It is a direct result of continued failure on the part of employers in the healthcare industry to meet the needs of their employees. Now, US healthcare has reached a point at which either conditions improve, or the industry will continue on the current path which continues to put workers and patients at unacceptable risk. 

Nurses and other healthcare workers don’t want to leave the industry. They want a sign that things will improve. At such a pivotal moment, employers who proactively address employee concerns are poised to reap significant benefits, while those resistant to change should anticipate the persistence or, more likely, deterioration of their current systems and results. Now is a critical moment for employer innovation and accountability, and soon it will become clear who addressed concerns, and who left their employees out to dry.


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Watch this webinar and learn from our experts on how healthcare employers can address some of the biggest issues affecting healthcare employees today. Topics of discussion include:

  • Financial stressors and inflation
  • Employee burnout and workplace stressors
  • Flexible work options and pay strategies